First Date Tips for Men

    Regardless how confident and candid your friends and     peers may seem on the subject, believe me, first date nerves do not get better with age! In fact, you may even find that is worse once you’ve moved away from childhood because you think you should know all the answers. 
    Sadly, many of the questions involved simply do not have answers, therefore there’s no sense in beating yourself up about it. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dating, regardless of what those pricey yet miraculous self-help guides might would have you think. Indeed not, but there are a few tips you can follow to at least   give you a decent start in the right direction:

1 – Location, location, location
dating-locationOk, this isn’t literally your first date ever (apologies if it is!) and neither is it hers. Therefore, that classic idea of a movie and a feeding may have been fun for her the first few times, but all it shows now is a lack of imagination and character. 
So, try and think of something a little different…of course this doesn’t mean you have to get carried away and organise a hot air balloon to Mexico or bungee jump from the Petronas towers, but even something as simple as bowling or ice-skating will at least show you’re using your brain. Plus, if she doesn’t like the idea, likelihood is she’ll let you know!


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