Magic words to say beloved

Men think that if they show their feelings chores, then talk about them entirely, there is no need. Yes, the case - it is good, but to complement feats words can not hurt. Make it easy, but the effect will surpass all expectations.Confess your love for her. There are men who say "I love you" only when they made a marriage proposal. However, it is useful from time to time to remind her how you feel.Praise her beauty. Be alert to any change in the appearance, whether it's a new haircut, a new dress or a new makeup. In the end, she tried to you. "Honey, you look great today especially," "What did you have a beautiful". Note - using the words "I", "my", you are indicating your like the ownership of this beautiful woman. Most women it is very pleasant.Use it and affectionate
diminutive - "darling", "sweetheart", "my cat", "my bunny." In general, anyone that had the fantasy. If these words are preceded by a request from your favorite simply not have the guts to refuse to meet her.Treat her like a child. Regardless of age, any woman would be pleased to hear from the man she loved treatment "my girl." Took home the cake or ice cream, deciding lucky woman to travel, explain it with a phrase like: "Yes, that's, I wanted to please the child." She will be happy to feel like a child, which is loved and cared for.Be interested in her mood and actions. Sofa, newspaper and TV from anywhere you will not disappear, but the sincerity in relations can evaporate somewhere.Praise the economic capacity of your companion. "You know, dear, today soup was particularly delicious," "I love your omelet". Well you should, men, say a couple of words of praise? The same praises should also apply to other domestic routines - washing, ironing, cleaning.Do not turn a life together in a gray routine every day to prove their half what you love, appreciate it and that you need it like air. It's so easy!

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