How to win a woman...

"What is necessary for the modern woman?  Handsome and sexy man full of romanticism and patience.

"First, have patience and act persistently, - Anastasia Wife advise. - Sometimes difficultly to suffer their whims even to the most hardy ladies' men. Not each young man will accept such way because he demands a lot of time, persistence and patience. The essence of a method is that the girl by the nature wants to trust in the reliable person, and, showing the mentioned lines, you thereby create an image of reliability. The proverb is suitable for this method: "Water sharpens a stone". Only the persistent man will easily subdue any woman ".
"Secondly, don't forget about romanticism. Women love the such - embraces on shops, drawings and inscriptions on fences, walks on autumn park, balloons in the form of hearts. On it iron ladies are conducted even. Women don't have enough romanticism and good in fussy an everyday life".

"Thirdly, be a little impudent. Impudence today - the second happiness. To know the main thing it a measure. Be not afraid to provoke, flirt and play with the partner. Not on its feelings, and on emotions and sexual desire"

According to psychologists, it is possible to tempt the woman with money and appearance, but not to win.

"If you want that loved you disinterestedly, instead of for the property status that was interested in you, instead of money - on the first appointments don't make expensive gifts, don't roll on expensive cars, don't advertize that you have the apartment in the downtown and don't experiment the appearance. Remain itself. Besides, the beauty is today not only regular features, cubes of a press and an athletic constitution. Don't forget about beauty internal - mind, intelligence, education", - Anastasia Wife advise.

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